Stars' Rewards

Stars' Rewards Program

STARS' Rewards is similar to programs you may have heard of referred to as SCRIPT or MANNA. This is a great program to help families contribute money toward the parish or school and to earn discounts off of tuition.


To participate in the program you simply buy gift cards to major stores.Each store contributes a percentage of the sale to Saint Elizabeth and to you!For example:GIANT stores have a #2 in the percentage column of the STARS Rewards form. This means 2% of the $25.00 card goes to your tuition and 2% goes to Saint Elizabeth. STARS Rewards purchased from January to June will be credited to your August tuition payment. July to December purchases will be credited to your January payment.


STARS' Rewards are available for sale after every Mass on Saturday and Sunday in the Ministry Center. You can also send a completed form and check into school with your child.The order will be filled and sent home on Friday. Forms are available below, at the STARS' rewards table and on the school website.Simply fill out your form and purchase your cards.We’ll make sure you get the credit!

NEW FOR 2017: Parish families enrolled in our Elementary Faith Formation (EFF) program can also benefit from STARS' Rewards. Simply check the Elementary Faith Formation (EFF) box at the bottom of the form! 

STARS' Rewards offer a wide variety of stores that can be purchased every week. We also have a great number of stores that you can special order.The special order forms are available below, at the STARS' Rewards table and on the school website.It takes one week to get a special order.


The key to saving money by using the STARS' Rewards program is to be consistent. Each week make it a habit to get your grocery and gas cards. Are you doing any home improvement? Get your Home Depot and Lowes cards! Was your child invited to a birthday party? Pick up a Barnes and Noble or Toys R Us card. If you make it a habit you will be surprised at how much you save off of your tuition. Plus for everything you save you are contributing that amount to the Parish or school.


Start saving with STARS Rewards TODAY! Contact person is Veronica Zebrowski at 610-469-6604.