This ministry is part of an international movement designed to support women and their families during the joys, trials, and sorrows of the childbearing years. Members also plan play dates for families with young children. Open to all parishioners during any time of the year.


What We Do

Our mission, together with the Lord, is to build and nourish a holy faithful community by spreading the message of Elizabeth Ministry. Our ministry rests upon the scripture story of the Visitation in which Mary and Elizabeth share a vision of the radical goodness, beauty and truth of human life. By inviting our parish women to freely share the gifts God gives them, Elizabeth Ministry will provide comfort and support to families who are facing complications or crises during the childbearing years.  We will reaffirm that all life is sacred by recognizing pregnant women, reaching out to new mothers, and introducing all new babies to the parish. With the grace of the Holy Spirit we will extend His kingdom to all of the families of our parish as we visit and share the sacredness life.



All women are welcome to participate in our ministry at any time of the year. Training is provided, however, most duties require only your own experience of the childbearing years. Meetings are not routinely scheduled.


For further information, please contact:

JoAnna Benton, 610-518-6779,

Amy Laughlin, 610-458-2030,

Recent Accomplishments

  •  Supported women one-to-one in crisis situations such as pre-mature birth, adoption loss, child hospitalization and miscarriage
  •  Recognized pregnant women for their gift of life to the community with a pin on a quarterly basis
  • Recognized first-time grandmothers for their support of new life with a prayer scroll
  • Supported pregnant women with a friendly phone call to share the parish’s congratulations
  • Celebrated young life with families of the parish through preschool playdates at Easter, Earth Day, May Day and June’s Beach Blanket Party
  • Shared the new faces of the parish with a display of children born or adopted
  • Collected hand-made Welcome cards from the parish's religious education students and sent them to newly baptized children of the parish 
  • Prayed for all mothers and families experiencing difficulties in the childbearing years
  • Encouraged fellowship and prayer among parish women with a wine and cheese party


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