Parish Pastoral Council, Guidelines for Proposing a New Ministry, Project or Program


If you have an idea that you think would benefit the parish community in some way, you are most welcome to submit a proposal to the parish office. Here are a few guidelines to assist in the development of a proposal for a new project or ministry at Saint Elizabeth:

Step One: Rooting the Proposal in the Parish Mission

  • Review the Parish Mission Statement, together with the goals and objectives of the current Parish Pastoral Plan. To do so, go to the parish website ( and click on the link for "Pastoral Planning."

  • The pastoral planning goals and objectives were specifically developed by the Parish Pastoral Council in order to provide direction for the commitment of parish resources in personnel, facilities, time and money to existing and proposed parish activities.

  • The proposal should remain focused upon how it contributes to carrying out some aspect of the parish mission. Pray for guidance in discerning how what is being proposed will address the needs of the parishioners and/or the needs of those the parish serves.

Step Two: Writing and Submitting the Proposal

Once you are ready to write the proposal, keep in mind that it should:

  • Describe briefly exactly what the proposed ministry, project or program is or entails.

  • State the purpose of the new ministry, project or program, including a brief explanation of how it relates to the mission, goals and objectives of the parish.

  • Identify the target audience: Whom will it serve? What is its desired impact?

  • Identify an existing parish ministry group or individual parishioner(s) that could take responsibility for coordinating and implementing the program or project.

  • Specify any interest, prior training or experience that those suggested to implement the program or project might already have.

The more complete the proposal, the more readily it can be evaluated and decided upon. Therefore, as much of the following information as is initially available should alsp be included:

  • How the program or project could be implemented.

  • A suggested time line for implementation of the program or project.

  • The parish facilities that will be needed.

  • The estimated cost, if any.

  • Any additional training that will be needed by coordinators and/or participants.

  • How the program or project might be publicized to the parish community as a whole.

Completed proposal should be submitted to the parish office, either by land mail (PO Box 695, Uwchlan, PA 19480-0695), e-mail ( or fax (610-646-6513).


Step Three: Review Process for New Proposals

  • When a new proposal has been received at the parish office, parish staff will determine the appropriate parish committee to consider the proposal and make a recommendation to the pastor.

  • The specific role of the designated committee is to assist the pastor in determining the parish’s need for the proposed program or project and in how it might be implemented.

  • If the proposal receives initial support from the designated committee, those who submitted the proposal may be asked to discuss the proposal more fully with that committee as part of its review process.

  • After due consideration and based upon the committee’s recommendation, the pastor, in as timely a fashion as possible, will make a decision about the proposal and communicate that decision to those who submitted the proposal.


Note: Priority of attention will be given to proposals that advance the parish mission and address the common good and the needs of the parish at large, rather than an individual’s personal interests or preferences. This review process is intended to foster clear communication with whatever parish groups may need to be involved in the proposed project and to avoid any duplication of efforts.


[Guidelines Endorsed by Pastoral Council & Approved by the Pastor: 5/6/08]