“The children’s portion was not originally part of the evening’s plan,” said parishioner Dawn Curtis, a member of the planning committee. “However, many families signed up with their children so Father Mullin suggested we come up with activities for the children.”

Curtis, with her 13-year-old daughter Annie, created a presentation geared for kids that covered the history and traditions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism and, most importantly, the similarities between the faiths.

“We ended up just using the presentation as a touchpoint to move throughout the hour,” Curtis said. “The children were amazing! We sat in a big circle and all of the children from oldest to youngest offered their thoughts and input.  It was wonderful to see them sharing, respecting and truly listening to one another.  We easily could have talked on and on.”

After the meal, Curtis took a group of Christian and Muslim children into the sanctuary. “Again the kids amazed me. The Catholic and Protestant children proudly explained our Christian traditions to the Muslim children. The Muslim children asked questions and also told us how their faith shared some of our symbolism. All of the children were so respectful while being inside a place of worship.”

The children’s activities were a great success. Curtis concluded. “I was honored to be a part of the experience and very proud of all of the young people who shared in the evening.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Sue Morgan