This year, the sixth grade team, coached by Mike Sisti and Allison Shirker, placed first at the regional competition, qualifying them to compete at the state tournament in Pittsburgh. The eighth-grade team, coached by Mary Jo Springer, placed second at the regional competition, and advanced to States. The seventh-grade team, led by Melissa Miller and parish school teacher Paula Ringenbach, placed first at the regional competition, and second place at States, with the highest overall score. They advanced to the world finals, where they placed sixth in their division of over 50 competing teams!

 “These kids are amazing,” said Miller. “They all have special talents that when brought together, made the team exceptional. Getting to the World competition was obviously the ultimate goal. We started preparing in November for the Regional competition that occurs in March. They definitely experienced ups and downs throughout the process. As coaches, we cannot tell the kids what to do or how to do something. They need to come up with everything on their own.”

 The seventh-grade team met multiple times a week and sometimes on weekends, as the kids created their script for a required eight-minute skit, practiced their performance, and built their own props.

 “The kids, coaches, and parents dedicated a lot of time to this competition, but it was well worth the work,” added Miller. “We are so proud of these kids. They are building life-long skills that will serve them well in high school, college, the workforce, and beyond.”

 Congratulations to all of these impressive achievers!

-Julie Krumenacker