CAPTION: EFF students used rosaries and prayer cards to help pray the Hail Mary in October.

This year, as part of Saint Elizabeth’s Elementary Faith Formation (EFF) program, parents are invited to actively pray with their children. Each month, they focus on a different prayer that has special meaning to the season.

“The idea of this initiative is to get parents and children to pray together,” explained Director of Religious Education, Beth Riordan. “Uniting in prayer is what holds families together and helps our children through many life experiences. Each month, our goal is to break down the meaning behind the prayer and offer ideas as to how to pray it as a family. In the classroom, we are reflecting upon what we are saying and what it means to each of us.”

And that brings us to a really poignant consideration: What are we saying when we pray?

As Catholics, we know the words to many prayers because we were brought up reciting them repeatedly. But, when we routinely pray the Sign of the Cross, the Our Father and the Hail Mary, do we stop and consider the significance of these words, which are infused with meaning?

Saint Elizabeth Parish invites us all to reflect upon the meaning of common Catholic prayers by examining the Prayer of the Month along with our EFF families:

December: Advent Prayer
January: Our Father
February: Dear Jesus Prayer
March: Act of Contrition
April: Stewardship Prayer
May: The Rosary
                                                                                                                                                                  ~ Julie Krumenacker