Have 5 minutes or less to make a difference at Saint Elizabeth?

Five minutes is all it takes to fill out the online version of the Parish Census.

We have created an online census form that makes it quick and easy for you to provide us with the most accurate information about you and your family. Please click here to go to the online census form. If you prefer to print out the census form and bring it to the parish office, click here.

Thank you for your cooperation with the parish census project, which is a key milestone in implementing the 2017-2021 Parish Pastoral Plan. The census results directly help us to implement the Plan goals:

Become a More Engaging Parish

Be a faith-filled, inviting Catholic community that welcomes and engages all people, wherever they are in their spiritual journey.

Expand Family Faith Formation

Develop opportunities at all stages of family life that enrich relationships and bring Christ into our homes.

Strengthen Youth and Young Adult Faith Formation

Offer relevant programs to nourish in youth and young adults a deeper personal relationship with Christ, with their Catholic Faith and with the parish community.

Continue to Grow Our Stewardship Identity

Increase participation and strengthen our commitment to live a stewardship way of life by sharing God’s gifts of time, talent and treasure.

Enhance Parish Communications

Expand the use of communication tools and marketing strategies to reach more parishioners, promote parish activities and become a more informed and connected parish community.

Encourage Leadership Development

Foster leadership and develop relevant skills within our parish community, parish school and parish staff to live out the parish mission.