A picture is worth a thousand words!

The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Capital Campaign for Saint Elizabeth Church comes to life!

“Moving Forward in Faith - Extending God’s Light”

The theme of our Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Capital Campaign is clearly visible as it surrounds the campaign logo above. The campaign logo itself reflects this theme. The hands below the church represent God’s hands. God, and our acceptance of His example of love and compassion, is the foundation of Saint Elizabeth Church. Atop the church building, a second set of hands represents our adult parishioners as we actively support one another in faith. Finally, the third set of younger hands at the top represents our children and the future, those to whom we pass on our faith with loving care.

The Moving Forward in Faith-Extending God’s Light campaign is intended to strengthen the long-term foundation of the parish community by addressing existing financial challenges in a pro-active manner in order to ensure that the parish begins our next 25 years fully prepared to sustain, enrich and expand the vibrant spiritual, educational and pastoral ministries of Saint Elizabeth Church.

A dedicated team of some 35 parishioners are now offering their stewardship service to design and implement this five-year capital campaign. The team’s early discussions quickly turned to the blessings of our Catholic Faith. Our vibrant parish community here at Saint Elizabeth is rooted in the kindness and compassion Jesus calls us to live by each day. Over 20-plus years now, so many people have been supported by the various ministries and organizations of our parish and by parishioners’ individual acts of care. The Lord continues to build our house!

This campaign represents hope for the future - that our church will have the resources to extend God’s light to others in our parish and beyond. So we really are moving forward in faith to enable our parish community to continue extending God's light to others for years to come.