Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Capital Campaign is in full swing!

The last few months have been extraordinary in many ways for our parish, including steady progress in the twenty-fifth anniversary capital campaign. Thanks to the efforts of nearly 40 dedicated and industrious volunteers, there have been some great developments!

First, the significant step of determining a theme and logo that would best express the significance of the campaign was completed:

Moving Forward in Faith – Extending God’s Light

Indeed, in its first twenty years, Saint Elizabeth Church has built a foundation of Catholic stewardship that is grounded in faith with a commitment to live as good stewards, caring for the people entrusted to us. As we look ahead to the milestone of our twenty-fifth anniversary and what the next 25 years hold in store for our parish, we are now asked to move forward. This campaign will allow us to sustain and grow our ministries, responsibly maintain our campus, and secure our finances for the years ahead. Our participation in this campaign, and in the good works of our parish, enable us to extend God’s light in our world. The campaign team is thankful to continue the legacy of dedicated volunteers who founded and grew this faith community to what it is today and have faith in the direction and impact the parish will have in the years to come.

Second, as a part of the campaign kick-off, the team and Father Mullin had hoped to invite parishioners to in-person gatherings. As health conditions changed however, plans creatively shifted and virtual receptions on Zoom were developed. The initial Zoom receptions have been a great experience for all involved and while it has looked a lot different than originally anticipated, it has allowed for intimate conversations and fellowship among parishioners. Father Mullin also shared his thoughts about the campaign and thanked all who participated through a video recording which resonated with many of the attendees. At each reception parishioners have offered their thoughts on the significance of the parish in their lives while asking questions about the campaign. The combination of reflections and inquiries allowed everyone to enjoy a chance to socialize and reconnect during an otherwise isolating time.

There has been tremendous momentum growing early in this campaign, and as of this writing, generous parishioners have already pledged over $2.5 Million!

Throughout the spring, parishioners will continue to have the opportunity to learn about the campaign’s goals and funding priorities, while also being asked to make their own discernment of a pledge.

For more details, continue to watch the parish bulletin or check our website for the latest details.

  • Kathy Caliendo & Lindsey Ranstrom

On behalf of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary

Capital Campaign Committee