Anniversary Campaign Dollars at Work

Your generous contributions to this campaign are already making a significant difference:

First, we were able to cover the total cost (some $160,000) of the extensive repair of the HVAC system for the church and education center (2 new compressors and a new cylinder barrel, plus labor).

Second, we have secured funds to offset the anticipated shortfall of about $90,000 in the parish school budget for 2021-2022.

Third, we are creating a new prayer garden above the lower parking lot and across from the priest residence; fencing remains on order and several benches are being refurbished, so the total cost of this project is pending.

Fourth, we have now paid off in advance the entire remaining church mortgage (some $660,000), thus saving more than $57,000 in interest payments.

Finally, we continue to direct the operating monies that were targeted for the church mortgage each month to make advance payments on the education center mortgage with the goal of eliminating all parish debt by our twenty-fifth anniversary in July of 2025.

For more information about how you can participate in the anniversary campaign, please go to the home page of the parish website, send an email to, or call the parish office anytime during the week (610-321-1200).