This July, Saint Elizabeth parish welcomed Father Kevin Okafor as our new parochial vicar. While his accent may reveal that he hails from somewhere outside the U.S., other characteristics are not as obvious. We wanted to get to know more about this music lover and a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fan, so we took five minutes to learn more.

What are you reading right now? Things Fall Apart, a 1958 novel by Chinua Achebe that concerns traditional Igbo life during the advent of missionaries and colonial government in my homeland of Nigeria. The main character cannot accept the new order, even though the old has already collapsed.

What is one of your best memories from childhood? The day I was accepted in our diocesan junior high school and began my journey to the priesthood.


Name three things on your bucket list: Go to WrestleMania, travel to Africa, and learn to speak Spanish fluently.

What was the first concert you attended? In the sixth grade, I attended a concert organized by the music department at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. My love for music came much earlier from my mom, who still sings at liturgical events and at cultural events in my hometown.

If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be? Playing the violin.

Who is someone you really admire? John Cena, a wrestler and WWE champion.

How would your friends describe you? Kindhearted, serious, and smart.

What is the last thing you do at night? Listen to music until sleep comes (which does not take long!).

-Amy Giampietro