Get to know the 25th Anniversary Capital Campaign Honorary Co-Chairs


More than 325 parish families have already responded with wonderful generosity to the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Capital Campaign. The campaign’s primary goal is to sustain the many ministries of Saint Elizabeth Church through 2025 and beyond. It focuses on three top priority needs: debt reduction/elimination: a restricted education fund to support the parish school and faith formation programs; and ongoing technology development & long-term main­tenance. In the end, this project is all about our parishioners and the community we serve.

Here are some thoughts from our Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Capital Campaign Honorary Co-Chairs:

Therese V Bentley

I am not one of the long- term parishioners at Saint Elizabeth, but I would like to tell you what the parish means to my family. It starts with my parents, who moved here from California in 2002. Their transition was difficult, having left family and friends, but they found a wonderful community at Saint Elizabeth.  Participation in the Senior Adult Ministry and Bible studies provided them with support and fellowship. 

I was so thankful that my parents were happy in their new parish. When I attended Mass with them, I felt a spirit of caring and welcome, especially from Father Mullin. My husband Barry and I officially joined the parish in 2017. It has been a wonderful move.

I’m happy to be an Honorary Co-Chairperson for the 25th Anniversary Capital Campaign. Reaching the financial goal of the campaign will allow Saint Elizabeth to support growth in faith among our children and adult parishioners. I am grateful for the compassion and community spirit at our parish and hope to see it continue well into the future.

Mike and Mary Ann Hughes

We are very fortunate to have been part of Saint Elizabeth Parish since its inception. In these days of frequent mobility, only a few practicing Catholics are afforded such a unique opportunity. We remember with a smile our Sunday Masses at the Lionville Middle School gymnasium, or as it was affectionately called “Our Lady of Lionville”, and now reflect with pride the faith community that is Saint Elizabeth today. To us it is just that, a wonderful faith community.  

Our involvement in the parish over 20 years has led us into the paths of so many wonderful, loving and caring people. When mom passed away last year we were blessed to receive sympathy cards from family and friends, but we were taken aback by the large number of cards and words of condolence from our Saint Elizabeth family.  Many came from folks we did not even know that well.  What a wonderful example of the deep friendships our faith community at Saint Elizabeth holds for us.

Simply, we are committed to the 25th Anniversary Capital Campaign so that our parish can ensure its financial health in future years and continue the work of stewardship we started many years ago. We are doing it for those who will come after us.

Joe and Holly Ippolito

We are blessed to be original members (from the “folding chair club”!) of Saint Elizabeth.  Our son was a student in the first kindergarten class at Saint Elizabeth Parish School. Through the years he received an excellent and well-rounded education for which we are most grateful.  

We participated in the prior campaigns to offer our stewardship and enjoyed the opportunity to meet many families we may not have otherwise had the pleasure to know. It is important to us that our parish continues to offer a faith-based education for our children and by retiring debt we will also assure our parish’s financial stability and vibrancy into the future. To know our generation will offer families who come after us the special spiritual gift of Saint Elizabeth Church is worth the time and effort it takes to preserve it for many years to come!

Mary C. Mulherin

In the mid-1990s I returned to the east coast following a 24-year career in southern California. Four years later my cousin, Father Tom Mullin, was appointed the founding pastor of a new parish in Chester County. I knew immediately that God’s hand had led my return to this area.

From the beginning I observed and participated in the exciting growth of Saint Elizabeth Parish by serving in a variety of ministries and committees. Decades later we now recognize the need to invest in a number of maintenance activities in the church and education center, while simultaneously reducing our long-term financial responsibilities. With lower Mass attendance -- especially due to the ongoing pandemic -- the need for additional voluntary funding has become all too apparent.

Many of us who shared in the development of this stewardship parish will not be around 25 years from now to celebrate its 50th anniversary, but many will. I believe that our generosity in this campaign will help to maintain parish facilities for future generations.

After participating in prior capital campaigns, I am grateful to have the opportunity to pledge again and am humbled to have been selected as one of the Honorary Co-Chairpersons serving in our 25th Anniversary Campaign. I pray that future Saint Elizabeth parishioners will continue to share in the love of Jesus Christ and in the many blessings God has bestowed upon us.

  • Spirit Staff