This Lent, take advantage of the many resources offered on FORMED!lent formed small

Daily Reflections:  Dr. Tim Gray offers a 5-minute Daily Reflection with a specific Lenten focus throughout the six weeks of Lent. When you sign up online, a link will be sent directly to your email inbox each day during Lent.

Into His Likeness is a six-part video series by renowned Catholic teacher, author and speaker Dr. Edward Sri. This series discusses how to grow as a disciple and become true imitators of the likeness of Jesus Christ.

FORGIVEN: The Transforming Power of Confession explores the grace and healing offered in Confession and shows how this sacrament of mercy reveals the depth and bounty of God’s love. By looking at God’s revelation of mercy in scripture and making a step-by-step examination of the Rite itself, Forgiven communicates God’s invitation to each one of us to come experience his indescribable love in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Tears of Christ: Audio Meditations for Lent takes us to the heart of the interior life of St. John Henry Newman (1801–1890), from the treasures of which these meditations are offered as a Lenten devotional aid. Drawn chiefly from his sermons and gently modernized, these meditations offer a share in the fruit of his contemplation, that we might better enjoy with him the “one thing which is all in all to us,” which is “to live in Christ’s presence, to hear his voice to see his countenance.”

Triduum: A Spiritual Pilgrimage is a beautiful, 30-minute contemplative documentary that cinematically walks through the locations of the Holy Week story. Immersed in the real and sacred places of the Holy Land, the pilgrim faithful are brought tangibly nearer to the story, the landscape and the reality of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Triduum draws Catholics and those with open hearts and minds to experience a deeper understanding of these events and places. To journey along this spiritual pilgrimage is to be drawn more deeply into the life and love of God. 

For Kids: Lent with Brother Francis: Learn and pray with Brother Francis this Lent. With several different seasons available, Brother Francis helps children learn more about what Lent is all about and why it is so important.


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