DMI smallThe Archdiocese is launching a Called for More Campaign to create a more vibrant faith and stronger parish communities. As part of this program, all the Archdiocesan parishes, including Saint Elizabeth, will participate in a parish-wide survey about discipleship during Lent.

A special survey entitled the "Disciple Maker Index" (DMI) is being conducted by the Catholic Leadership Institute in conjunction with the Archdiocese. All our adult parishioners are invited and encouraged to participate by taking the 10–15 minute DMI survey online.

The DMI survey asks you to reflect on your own spiritual growth and your involvement in Saint Elizabeth parish. It also enables you to provide feedback on our parish efforts designed to help you grow in faith. All survey responses are strictly confidential, and the parish will only receive information about the community as a whole.

The information gathered through the DMI survey will identify the parish’s key strengths and areas for growth; this will be a great resource to the pastor, the parish staff, the pastoral council and ministry group leaders as we plan together for the future of Saint Elizabeth Church in anticipation of our twenty-fifth anniversary in 2025.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 2, a link to the DMI electronic survey and an optional printable version of the survey will be posted on the parish website homepage ( Those who choose to complete the survey by hand are asked to return their response to the parish office in a sealed white envelope labeled DMI STEL 2022, no later than Monday, April 4.

The Catholic Leadership Institute will communicate the results of the DMI survey during the late spring or early summer and the information gathered will be shared with the entire parish.

For questions about the DMI survey or to request a hardcopy, please contact Matt Pfeiffenberger (call 610-321-1200 or email