Stars Rewards

Stars Rewards Shop with Scrip logoStars Rewards Program

You can turn everyday purchases into tuition credits. Stars Rewards are gift certificates and gift cards from national and local retailers. 

It's simple - participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates and gift cards to our school at a discount. The gift cards are the same that you buy at the store. Families like yours, buy the certificates for full face value and redeem them for the full face value. You will be credited a percentage of your gift card purchase toward your next invoice for Parish School tuition or Elementary Faith Formation tuition.* 

Many popular retailers participate in our Stars Rewards program including ACME, Giant, Dick's Sporting Goods, Staples, Walmart, iTunes, Wawa, and many, many more. You can make a big difference for our parish school or Elementary Faith Formation program every time you fill up with gas or buy groceries.

Stars Rewards Now Available for Online Ordering

Log into the Shop With Scrip program, and order any gift cards from the hundreds of stores, restaurants and venues that are available in multiple denominations. Follow these 3 steps:

1. Register: To place your scrip order, you need to create a ShopWithScrip account. Go to and enter your organization's unique enrollment code, which can be obtained by calling the parish office at 610-321-1200, or emailing This will link your account with our Stars' Rewards program. 

2. Order: You will have the option to order gift cards or e-gift cards. After placing an order, your gift cards will be available to pick up the following week in the parish office. 

3. Pay: You can pay online with your credit card, or link your Scrip account to your bank account for a bank transfer. You can also bring a check into the parish office.

*For parents with children attending Saint Elizabeth Parish School or the Elementary Faith Formation program, half of the percentage goes toward tuition reimbursement, and the other half goes toward the Parish. 

For parish school families, Stars Rewards purchased from January to June will be credited to your August tuition payment; July to December will be credited to your January payment. 


For more information contact Anne Polese at 610-321-1200 or