Our Mission:

To help engaged couples prepare for their pending celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage within the Catholic Church. The aim of the Pre-Cana sessions is to give couples an opportunity to take time out from the hectic wedding plans to focus on their relationship, the role of faith and church in their lives, the sacramental and spiritual nature of marriage and to learn from other Catholic couples about what it really means to be married.

What We Do:

Pre-Cana is a Catholic tradition that teaches couples how to be married within the Catholic Church. This premarital course is named after the wedding feast at Cana and symbolizes Jesus' blessing and acceptance of marriage. Our program covers 5 critical topics that prepare the soon to be married couple for marriage in the Church. Attending a Church approved premarital course is a main requirement for getting married in the Catholic church in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The Pre-Cana team is comprised of parishioners (most of whom are married couples) who facilitate two (2) Pre-Cana programs per year for engaged couples. The Pre-Cana weekends are held on a Friday night and all day Saturday in late January and September. The goal is to deepen the engaged couple’s knowledge of the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage, equipping them with the tools to develop and constantly grow in love and faith as they live out the sacrament of marriage.

The program is an evening and day filled with interactive talks, activities, quiet couple time, and plenty of food. There is also a Q & A with a panel of married couples and some time for questions and comments from the priests of the parish.

Members of the team like people and are comfortable sharing their story. Some members are excellent at making the atmosphere warm and welcoming by decorating or selecting the food that is shared. Others are good organizers and help the day and the transitions during the day go smoothly.  

If you would like more information about the Pre-Cana Team and how to participate, please contact Matt Pfeiffenberger, 610-646-6550, matthewkarl@stelizabethparish.org

Are you getting married? To register for an upcoming Pre-Cana session, please click here:   https://www.stelizabethparish.org/~stelizab/index.php/about/marriage/pre-cana-reg

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