This committee is made up of a warm & friendly group of parishioners, who serve our parish community by cleaning and caring for the vessels and vestments used in the celebration of Mass and at other Liturgical events.

Members have stated it is an honor to clean the vessels that hold Jesus’ precious Body and Blood.

As well as helping out, it can be a time of socializing with other members of our church community.

The schedule is not time consuming. Every 6 weeks, we clean Vessels on Saturday morning following the 8:30 AM Mass. The next day, Sunday (after the 11:30 Mass), we pick up 3 or 4 Altar Server Albs and take them home for washing over the next 5 days. We return them the following Thursday.

If you have a busy schedule and are looking for a stewardship opportunity that does not require a large amount of time, the Vessels and Vestments Team would be happy to have you join us.

For additional information, you can contact Mary Ellen Rzucidlo at or 484-252-7800.

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