Adult and teen members guide our 4-9 year-old parishioners through a Liturgy of the Word program designed for their ages by celebrating with them in the Chapel during the 9:30 and 11:30 Masses on Sundays. Open to all adult and teen parishioners at any time of the year.


Adult parishioners are welcome to join our ministry at any time of the yearThe CLOW team will train on program-specific information as new ministers join.

If any musically inclined ministers are interested, they are also welcome to share their talents with the children.

Ministers must have safe environment and security clearances through the Archdiocese and attend a Protecting God’s Children workshop. Security clearance forms are available at the Parish Services Office.

Ministry meetings are generally held every 6 months in an informal setting.

For further information, please contact:

Andrea Bell, 610-970-5783,

Recent Accomplishments

·         Between 60-90 children attend the weekly CLOW celebration during the 9:30 and 11:30 Masses.


How often are ministers scheduled?

Once per month as a guideline.

What roles are available?

You may be a leader or co-leader, which means reading the readings and/or offering a reflection on them and leading the rest of the celebration for the children.

You may shepherd the children during CLOW, which means guiding them to and from the Chapel and helping maintain a safe, attentive environment during the celebration.

Is there material that supports the weekly program?

The Treehaus material is comprehensive and has text and ideas for reflection for each week of the Liturgical year; it is very easy to follow, especially as you minister on a regular basis.

Other Links

·         For program overview information, please visit:

·         For reflection ideas, please visit:




Ministry Contact Form

Please complete this form and you will be contacted by someone from the parish to provide you more information on the ministry.