Our Mission:

Our primary mission is to help fathers of special needs children through encouragement, discussion, and prayer to become the physical presence of Jesus Christ to their special needs children and the entire family.
Our secondary mission is to bring a light to the broader community to foster understanding and concern.
What We Do:
Chosen Fathers meet on the third Tuesday of every month in a meeting room in the parish office or church building. Our meeting format consists of prayer, related reading from the bible or other inspired work, sharing by one or more to show God’s loving presence in our lives despite the challenges (or because of the challenges) our families face. We also see this group as a way for men to share practical knowledge: schools, IEPs, potential employers for the children, etc. We will also plan related events to that will further the Mission.
Many men do not easily share difficulties, especially those regarding their families. Chosen Fathers enable men to talk to others in similar circumstances. Our group is a confidential space where men can share their frustrations, successes, joys, and sorrows.

If you have any questions about this ministry, please contact Joe Howard: 610-425-0200; jchoward7250@aol.com

Ministry Contact Form

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