Our Mission: 

From the National Directory for Catechesis:

Catechesis describes the essential ministry of the (Catholic) Church through which the teachings of Christ have been passed on to believers throughout the ages as understood and taught by the Roman Catholic Church. The definitive aim of catechesis is an education and a spiritual formation in the Catholic faith which brings children, young people and adults into an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Keeping in mind that all the baptized have a right to catechesis, every person, however limited, is capable of growth in holiness. Therefore, catechetical and sacramental programs are inclusive of parishioners with disabilities and may need to be adapted for some parishioners with disabilities.

In short, EFF is devoted to teaching the faith to the youth of the parish. We strive to be welcoming to all regardless of age or ability. We desire to prepare our young parishioners to live a rich, Christ-focused life through the sacraments and scripture.

What We Do: 

Our volunteers spend time preparing lessons, delivering them to the children and helping at EFF liturgical services. The weekly sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long. Including prep time, our volunteer catechist contribute about 60 + hours per year. Each of our classrooms has a teen aide or an assistant catechist. These volunteers help the primary catechist during the lessons. The lessons involve typical classroom teaching, scripture readings, prayer and an introduction of Catholic prayer traditions like Adoration, Stations of the Cross and the rosary.

Contact: Paula Ringenbach, Coordinator of Religious Education (religioused@stelizabethparish.org; 610-646-6545)

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